I really fail to understand to why people associate being naked as sexual. People can remove their clothes and still not be asking for sex. 

Here we have a baby. No clothes, bare skin baby. It’s asking for sex. And really should not be seen as a sexual object.

And here we have a shirtless man. Who to me does not appear to be in any suggestive poses and should he be suggestive it’s his choice and his right. Unless he is asking you to have sex with him he is still not a sexual object.

And now we have a shirtless woman. She is also not asking for sex. Unless she explicitly has stated that she wants sex no one has a right to objectify her as a sexual object. Whether she is naked of clothed or anywhere in between no one has a right to ask sex of her with out consent. 

No matter their past. No matter who they are. No matter where they are. It is their body and just like we want our bodies to be respected we should respect others’. So pleas stop oversexualizing the human body.

Still cowering…

People always tell me how I am this radiant shine in there lives. That I’m so full of energy and life. They tell me how they like my confidence and the way I carry myself. But they don’t see what I see. They don’t feel what I feel. They judge me based on some exterior personality that I show them but none of them ever stop and wonder enough to speak to me. No one sees how I cower practically in fear of people. How my Goodbyes and Hellos are under my breath. How I shrink whenever I am close to someone else. How despite all the love I exert I always feel so alone and helpless. 


And still… Despite all that I know about myself and the world. Despite all that I have learned about depression and how to deal with it. Despite all the friends and support I have. I still leave situations hating myself. Wishing I wasn’t me. Despite all the work and effort and all the good moments I have. I still end up in my room sitting alone in front of a screen on the verge of tears because I hate myself and life itself. Despite all the smiles and happy moments in my day I still end in my room on the verge of tears.

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